“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page!”

If you follow the guideline of the above mentionned poem, read below the impressions from our guests.
But experience the true feeling and atmosphere by yourselves!
See you soon!

Julie’s team

This home away from home atmosphere is a magical “little piece of heaven”!
Julie’s has captivated the spirit of sharing, caring & compassion. Once here you are captivated by the comfortable & genuine hospitality, Chiang Mai is the Best of Thailand. The trekking, food, elephant ride & monk talk will forever be etched in our hearts. Thank you for such reasonable accommodations & I will definetly be back.
Shirley (Ontario, Canada)
Äs grosses MERCI für die schöni Zit wo mr hie hei chönne verbringe! Mir heis gnosse ir Hängematte chönne ume z’piegere & üs ging uf die feine Müesli & z’angere feine Ässe gfröit. Dr 2-Tages-Trek mit Übernachtig imne Bärgdorf, Elefanterite & Fahrt ufemne Bambus-Floss chöi mr nume empfähle!
Evi & Role (Schwiiz)
Merci à Julie GH pour son accueil symphatique!
Ce sont de jeunes gens qui forment une excellente équipe 🙂
C’est le MEILLEUR endroit que nous avons connu jusqu’à présent! Ils organisent beaucoup de choses dont le TREK a été bien agréable avec un guide très humoristique, la location de moto (hé hé hé) et les repas au GUESTHOUSE sont délicieux!!!
Bon séjour et j’éspère revenir…
2 Quebécoises
Felt like coming home when I got here – Best atmosphere in the whole country!!!
Thank you all so much for all your help, the delicious food and your friendlyness.
There should be more such places around the world as Julie’s G.H.
J eder muss das Julie’s einfach lieben!!!
U rgemütliche Atmosphähre
L ässig, lustige Leute & leckeres Essen
I rrsinnig chillig
E infach einmalig
S pitzen Team & super Tips
Kerstin & Silke (Deutschland)
Julie!!! This word or name actually means so many things!
Moments, really special moments, people, friends, family, delicioius food, home, company, etc. etc. etc. All what you need when you’re travelling. Julie makes us enjoy Chiang Mai a 100%!!! And that’s what makes Julie the best place to stay.
Lots of Love, Jessi (France)
Muy buena comida, muy buena decoración – el estilo tailandés. Para qu’el que vengo acá no se puede perder nocer el trip de 1 día con elefante y bamboo rafting qu es lo más ni tampoco el shopping nocturno en Night Bazar. Bars muy buenas y comida muy rica (Pad Thai!!!). Esperon lo disfruten como lo hicimos nosotros. Minimo 3 dias.
Aguate Thailand!!!
Connie, Pau y Gonza (Argentina)
To the most wonderful, sweet, caring and helpful staff @ Julie’s G.H. This is my 1st time travelling alone & here in Chiang Mai @ Julie’s I am @ home.
Thank you for letting me be me and allowing me to be a part of your ever growing travelling family.
I left my heart in Canada and I found it again here!
I will see you again, one day!
Love Lisa AKA crazy loud girl…
My Julie…
Mer hend en rechtig geili Ziit bi Der gha – guet g’ässe, deftigi Partys gfiiret ond rechtig sympatischi Lüüt troffe! Mer wärded d’Message vom beschte Guesthouse id Wäut use träge. Mer hoffed das mer ou of öisem räschtliche Trip ändlech gueti Onderkönft fended, wöu das do bröut anderscht!
Ciao zäme – the 4 Swiss guys: Chrigu, Päscu, Tom, Ivo
Un accueil très chaleureux, et des gens toujours prèts à rendre service pour (re)découvrir Chiang Mai et ses environs. N’hésitez pas à faire le trek de 2 ou 3 jours dans le village de tribu, les villageois y sont incroyablement accueillant.
Merci Julie Guesthouse!
Sadja et Tibo
Julie’s, een plaats van rust in de drukte van de stad. Gezelligheid, vriendelijkheid, behulpzaamheid…
Na 4 maanden reizen is dit een leuke afsluiter. Dit was een huwelijksreis om nooit te vergeten.
Tina en Ingo (Belgie)
Un posto fantastico dove viene naturale diventare un po “lazy”. Gente stupenda, bella musica, bell’ambiente in somma!!!
PS. le ragazze (backpackers) sono uno skianto!!!
It’s sad to leave Chiang Mai after 9 great days. But we’ve got to go to so many places and things to do!
The rooms, the staff, the food (especially the pizza breads with pineapple!) and everything has been great!
We did the 3 days trek and we had so much fun. A small warning though: it goes uphill! Our legs are still a bit stiff, but it was totally worth it!
We shall not forget to mention the lovely rooftop you’ve got. It’s a perfect place to chill out in the afternoon after a day of sightseeing etc.
So, a big thank you to all the staff at Julie’s!
Sofie, Emma & Josefin (Sweden)
After hearing this place through the grapevine, I thought I’d check it out for myself, to my surprise this place was heaven! After arriving from Bangkok with neon lights and noise this place was what I needed. With staff always on hand and people so friendly it really made this place worth staying at. But sadly all travels come to an end and I have to pack up and say goodbye but not forever!!!
Thank you soo much for a wicked time!!
Love SamP.S. Make sure u have a go @ 1 of the cooking courses and treks. They are brilliant!!!
Well, it is that time. Back to life, back to reality, or however that damn song goes. I’m not a poet, or an artist, and I can’t even write post grade 3 – but none the less, this is my goodbye.
Shit, another block. OK, here goes: This place is the reason I hung out in this city for 6 months. The people I met here, and things I experienced were so 🙂 that I didn’t leave. The staff here became my friends, this building like my home (until I moved out).
I won’t forget (but I took a few pics, just in case)!
Michael (Canada), forever Room 33
Ciao zäme!
Danke für die hammer geile 5 Täg wo mier da im Julie’s händ guestbookeledörfe verbringe. Nöd z’letscht s’gmüetliche Zimmer, di familiäri und kollegschaftlichi Stimmig und s’feine Ässe händ eus de Ufenthalt da in Chiang Mai zu me absolut unvergässliche Erläbnis gmacht. Mit viel wunderschöne Erinnerige, u.a. a die immer ufgstellte und offene Mänsche, a en atemberaubende Trek dur de Dschungel mit ere geniale Gruppe und me super Guide (olé Map!!) oder eifach nur a en erfrischende Milchshake, reise mer ez glücklich wiiter in Süde und dänn zrug id Schwiiz wo mir garantiert nüm ufhöre werded vo dem einzigartige Ort z’schwärme!!!
Carol & Cédric
Wow!!! What a fab place – not only the lovely guest house but the people and the atmosphere really make it here!!!! It’s not surprising we all keep coming back after exploring the exciting north!!! A great place to seriously kick back and chill out . We will be back!
Alex from England
Ha, Folks. Bedankt voor jullie vertrouwen en Gastvrijheid. Het was naar voor korte duur, 2 dagen. Maar zal Julie’s place aan bevelen aan iederseen die ik tregen kom op mijn reis.
Bedankt en tot de vorgende keer.
Jos Lugthart (Holland)
guestbookmotoHey all at Julies!
Thanks for the quick remedy after Bangkok madness! You’re a heavenly oasis with chilled-out atmosphere in abundunce. And with hammocks too! Here’s too good – no, great times at Julies. May they never end. I’ll remember this place as the highlight of Chiang Mai.
Kirstina (Wales)
Must begin by saying that this is the best guesthouse I’ve stayed in, no brown nosing here man…the real deal…a number one babe! Food is excellent, rooms are cool, hot showers a God send. Took the 3 day trek up north, a real blast, reasonably priced. All arranged by Steffen and Sai, who it seems, never tire of the endless questions asked. Also booked flights to Myanmar from here. Made to feel really at ease every day, good films, grateful for the fact that the management have “spot on” taste in music, something of a rarity in Asia. So, kick back, relax and soak up the ambience of Julie guesthouse, it’s all shanti. I hope to be back some day.
PS. Beware the head twisting warps of wobbly Thai pool table, storing valuables, not a problem, all safe and sound. Steffen and Sai trust you, you should trust them.
Rob from England, Old Blight

Take home beautiful memories from “the Oasis within the city”!